She faked the care, she feed you only to slaughter you at last. Avenge for me my son...avenge for me…

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Songs that I crave, Songs that are my grave, It begins well, grips well, Ends in a well, Drowning it seems, Difficult to redeem, Wonderful to be seen, Yet sorry for the theme. Closing ears don't mean, Humming is what it deems. The chorus is part of life, And the ending is the ending of... Continue Reading →


I don’t know how to describe what’s going on with me and trust me today I won't tell you about my story this story dates back in the era while we were still under British colonial rule. Well, I wasn’t a part of that struggle but this was told to me by my grandfather as... Continue Reading →

The little girl and the bell

The evening had been mild due to the rain, I had begun to feel weary at home so I thought to walk my way to unwind the boredom. In a short while, I reached a temple. The place smelt nice due to the incense and the aroma of the earth added the texture made it... Continue Reading →


I write about anything that holds my attention. I observe people, register their pain, count the bottomless smiles and tears of an infant and cherish them all. I'm selfish, I can churn you all into characters and scratch out a story from beneath, cause in the real world I don't make friends I earn a... Continue Reading →


​When things change and no other options are left or so what we think, we burst into tears, we get into a state where nobody can help us out unless its us. If I take myself as an example I would say I have cried a lot and I have forcefully kept myself into sleep... Continue Reading →


People sometimes are so under the control of there feelings that they forget their real self. They think mistakes that they have committed earlier can be committed again just for the sake of hurting themselves once again. They know the consequences but still go closer to it and fall.  Such is the case with someone... Continue Reading →

You are the ink I’m the page

I'm blank without an ink. Ink needs to mark something, pierce something, engrave something or else I will remain incomplete. I want that ink to embed itself in my blood and never leave. I'm your voice who needs a fresh splash of your essence in a deep husky manner. Although I fear you, cause you... Continue Reading →

Paper Boats

It was raining yesterday and as usual I had nothing to do except to roam about and waste time. So I thought why not to waste some more time and watch the rain drops pattering on the window pane and yes I did that,  moreover I felt immense peace in hearing those patters. Although I... Continue Reading →

Wish I could tell

Wish I could ever get the guts to tell them about my past, things that I have gone through, the brutal slap of emotions that I suffered and the struggle to get on my feet. But I know they will never understand how I covered all those with a tight smile on my face, a... Continue Reading →

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